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Thursday Night Pre-Party at Bar Glaciar

Several people are arriving on Thursday or earlier. If you happen to be one of those people and want to start drinking and mingling, come to Plaza Reial. If you arrive on Friday, just come straight to the fields.

Bar Glaciar in Plaza Reial

Nearest Metro Stop:

Liceu (L3: Green line)

Time: 10pm-12:20pm
After that... Probably on to another bar or club nearby

To get there:

  1. When you exit the metro, you will be on "Las Ramblas".
  2. Look to see which way it slopes (its kind of subtle) and walk down hill towards the sea.
  3. You will pass "Carrer Ferran" on your left, near the McDonalds. Keep going, the next left is "Carrer Colon" which is just a short passage into Plaza Reial.
  4. Glaciar is located in the near left corner. If the weather is decent, you’ll find frisbee players at the tables outside. If the weather is bad, we'll be inside.
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