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Woo hoo!  Sign me up!

ATTENTION PLEASE: The tournment has already filled up.

We're sorry, but new signups will go to the waiting list.

Tournament dates: October 22-24, 1999

Deadline for signup: October 8th 1999

This year you must pre-pay for the tournament in order to gaurantee your spot. The first step is to fill out the form below and submit it to us. Next, you will receive instructions on how to pay for the tournament. If you can, its best to see who else is coming and try to transfer the money together so that you can minimize banks fees. You can email us if you really can't do this. When you transfer the money, please don't forget to tell us all of the names of the people being paid for! Also if you are bringing other people who don't have web access, please fill out the form for each of them and just put your email address. We need to know their skill level and food preferences. Don't forget to sign up non-players, they need hotel rooms too! Thanks!

Complete Name:

Contact E-Mail:


Gender (sex): male female

Skill level (women compare yourselves to other women):

If you play on a team, name of team:

Preferences on room sharing (rooms of 2,4,6)?:

How will you come here:

When will you arrive (we'll try to give airport pick-up for those who arrive on Friday?)
a.m. p.m.

Type of Paella:

Additional comments.